I recently on a whim, visited a really great cookbook shop in Seattle that I hadn’t been to since retiring and moving across the Sound where I “escaped” Seattle…and living in a very relaxed country setting amongst the trees yet close enough to revisit some of my more favorite places I had left five years now…

My diet has steadily been changing for some time, even before I retired. Now that much of my day is filled with activities outside…much of it centers around my main focus and work…healing our collective selves and energies here on our planet along with helping to restore the sacred element here on Gaia.

As my inner work has progressed, my body’s energy has evolved too and has been able to reach back into some of humanities ancient histories back into the Egyptian and Atlantan times…and beyond.

That steady progression has made a huge impact into what I eat…it has been more of a “natural unforced” unfoldment invoking these higher energies down into our physical selves and bodies.

Awhile ago, I had been interested in our DNA and what it did. I came across a book that was channeled through Lee Carroll by an entity named Kryon. The book, “The Twelve Layers of DNA ( Kryon Book 12 ) described the impact that these rising energies had on our DNA and how it was reshaping our physical selves by expanding the DNA which in turn, produced subtle changes in our bodies.

To cut to the chase…ever since finishing up my year long cancer treatments and the dietary changes this brought about, I lately haven’t been able to find an appetite for the things I had eaten for a long time…if you can believe not being interested in pasta much anymore…something I’d made a staple for a long long time…everything else was just kinda of blah…

I liked being able to return to one of my more favorite bookstores again…I looked through all the different sections, but one book on a table just kind of jumped out…it was from someone I had never heard of before or seen any of her work. Her name is Julie Morris..The book that jumped out was “Smart Plants, Power Foods & Natural Nootropics For Optimized Thinking, Focus & Memory”

It has a list of foods that help optimize ones ability to think…something that I had began using Lion”s Mane to help my mental functions going during all the cancer treatments..I knew they helped because I stopped taking them in the middle of all of it and knew immediately how much help they had been. I immediately ordered some more…I have been using several of them already…besides the Lion’s Mane, I am already eating blueberries, cacao, matcha, and goji berries…

I don’t have to eat a whole lot quantity wise like before…I basically eat breakfast and dinner…not much at lunch time anymore…nuts as snacks and am really liking tea for a beverage..( cold brewed ) is a great thirst quencher after beings so unsatisfied since my body no longer tolerates coffee…

What I really like is that these foods are nutritionally dense…and don’t require that you have to eat as much to feel satisfied…

I was so impressed with my first book, I immediately purchased a couple of her other cookbooks, “Superfood Soups” and “Superfood Kitchen”…

I am still eating a lot of fermented foods, I got some tempeh in in the works and just used up the last of my miso I think I made about maybe two or three years ago…I’ve got a batch going that will be ready to go in the springtime…it takes about a year to complete before using. I also recently found the joys of making and using raw goat’s milk for my daily kefir…

One of my initial thoughts way back long time ago when I first started making my own yogurt was thinking that I was helping my body by not making it work so hard to digest and extract the goodness from all that we are eating. Not only that, but with the inner healing work that I do, I have to keep my own body at it’s peak to be able to sustain itself while all these healing energies release a tremendous amount of lower energies so that the light and love from our creator gods can fill up all these spaces in our hearts and mind once again…

I’ve been feeling like a whole new era has come into our planet….I am meeting other like minded ones who are also sharing this new light coming in….

I am hoping to share much more as things come into ur world to help us all restore our inner trust back once again into our souls and create the “peace that passes all understanding…”

Thanking all of you here right along with me!

Much love,


ps. What I meant by “natural unforced” unfoldment is simply listening to your own body’s inner consciousness…even asking it at times to let you know what is “best…” , something that Edgar Cayce acknowledged.

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Interested in fostering growth and nurturing other peoples spiritual interests.
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