Searching, Seeking, and Becoming

I am not sure where this is headed but I thought I start it by sharing some things I’ve been doing and how it seems to be reconnected to some of our ancient traditions and star light.

I have had the privilege to become immersed with some really great resources and entities that have helped me achieve and also gain the trust of many who are no longer with us physically. I met a gnostic teacher master in my early twenties when I was looking for a purpose and meaning to my life. I had a psychic visitation from Edgar Cayce after reading Sidney Kirkpatrick’s book, “Edgar Cayce,  An American Prophet” (2000). It prompted me to visit Virginia Beach in 2003 where I became illuminated with the Creative force or god, as Cayce would say. I later had a visitation from both Yogananda and his teacher because we shared the same rainbow light body. Carl Jung also came and welcomed me.

Now, after all these years of devoted service to the All…there continues to be a huge growth in my awareness of who we have been…

Several years ago, I came across some readings by Tom Kenyon about the Hathors and how they would go into a 12th dimensional healing meditation where they would give up their own individuality and become one with the collective All. I asked the Father for permission to try and work the same way. The Hathors would occasionally step and help.

Several years went by and once during my morning stretching exercises I felt some wings emerge from the back of my shoulder blades and then later one night a huge angelic energy portal opened above me.

Previously, I “saw” a sarcophagus open and St. Paul emerge from my 3rd chakra area. Later, I would see an an ancient Egyptian emerge in the same way who I believe was Akhenaten. I had been using my healing energies to help the pyramids to awaken.

As a result of a childhood head injury that came up for healing in my early 60’s, I had to reach way up further then I had ever done before to draw down some healing energies from the “stars…” As a result I became conscious of my own “star origins…”

Each and every night, I literally have taken part in these healing meditation channeling for the collective All. Each and every night I have felt a continual gradual growth in the awakening of our planet and inter-connected consciousness emerge further and further into these upper light gradients.

Sekhmet, the Hathors, and Thoth all have been a part of the All since the ancient times…they all are here and helping me…Father came and released me from some of my more earthly responsibilities to work more directly with some of these star brothers and sister in the last year or so.

Just recently, I was given a chance to revise some of the Pauline doctrines to include some more of the feminine side of our selves. Mother Mary has stepped in to help along with our Divine Mother.

Much of my life has been spent by myself. Now, I am beginning to meet more inter-connected souls…

This last month I came across an astrologer who has been able to tap into some of the same ancient Egyptian energies that I have been working with. I had a reading done by her which help ground me into some of these ancient beings. Her name is Ruby Falconer and I just also recently just purchased her book, “Shamanic Egyptian Astrology”. I am hopeful that these ancient teaching will help more of All us to begin to fully emerge back into the divine light which these beings have been holding for us, waiting for us all who are seeking their own answers about who we are.

I can sense that there are beginning to be many others who are ready for this reawakening into a higher awareness…and reckoning as well. Keep going…we will all be able to wake up and meet at these inner soul level connections eventually.

For now, keep in mind some of Caye’s admonitions which I always seem to return to…”Step by step, line by line, a little bit here, a little bit there…” Above all, keep your has been one of my keys for survival…things will emerge when the time is right.. try and be ready….!

Many thanks and blessings!


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Interested in fostering growth and nurturing other peoples spiritual interests.
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