Becoming Reborn

I’ve been searching my mind to describe something I hope that everyone can begin to experience for themselves. I’ve been blessed throughout my life with many different experiences. They all have led me to the next one, some were not pleasant but eventually I realized they were preparing me for the next one. Suffering has its own divine aspects…it opens one up in a way to broaden ones outlook and acceptance of life in many different ways.

I remember graduating from college and feeling pretty upset because I had really no idea  about anything. At one time I had considered joining the armed service because I was so sick of school.

I have always met someone no matter where I was that helped me grow through much of what I had been experiencing. There were always friends.

I decided to hitchhike out West when I realized that I had nothing to share or help anyone else out. I had to find my own meaning. I had began to read some written works of Carl Jung, Carlos Castaneda, and some other humanistic psychologists; others followed. “There Is A River”, the story of Edgar Cayce by Thomas Sugrue lent its own unique spiritual perspective for me.

I ended up in Northern California and met a gnostic master/teacher named Robert E Birdsong with whom I shared several years of friendship with. His writings and sayings have sustained throughout my life.  I recollect now many of them as I have grown and matured.

In my mid-thirties, I experienced a spiritual awakening or emergence in the form a month psychotic episode. Once I came back to earth with the help some anti-psychotics, I realized that my own psychic abilities had awoken. I could “see” through my one internal psychic vision.

Over the next fifteen years or so, I was able to gain a full-time job as a gardener that has been instrumental in supplying me with a more secure future. Most of my experiences up to that point helped to toughen me up and find some of my own essential abilities to lend and to share, as a way to help others.

One day after returning home from work, I had a vision of Edgar Cayce come to me while taking a shower. I had just finished reading Sidney Kirkpatrick’s book, “Edgar Cayce, An American Prophet” that a friend had loaned me. I decided to go out to Virginia Beach to attend a conference at the ARE. It happened to be on the Easter Sunday weekend in 2003.

That Sunday, there were several attendees there that decided to hold an impromptu sunrise service on the beach across from headquarters. During that impromptu service, I became illuminated with a light of several different colors. My whole insides became filled with this mystical light. That occurred in my early fifties. It took several years before I received another message that said that I had become fully illuminated.

I retired from work in 2014. Up to that point, people who worked with me and many others had a mixed reaction towards me. There were a few who thought I was a schizophrenic. The light I shared through the entire university helped me create the Kabbala Tree of Life light structure there. The light gradually united all the different levels. The darkness continually tried to erode that light.

There was a song by by Peter Townshend of The Who, “I Can See for Miles” ( 1967). That is part of the gift that came with the illumination. Another part was that the light was the Rainbow light body that several mystics have obtained. Paramahansa Yogananda and his teacher had the same light body. Another part of this inner process was that my Native American consciousness has fully awoken from a past life where I was directly involved with the Ghost Dancers, a mystical native element, during the same time as the massacre at Wounded Knee.

Now after many years of having to spend several hours each and every night warding off the darkness and healing the collective self, I have gradually been able to grow and evolve to an even higher plane. Several weeks ago, Father released me from my earthly identity completely. I can fully engage more fully with the cosmic light of our galactic brothers and sisters. It was just another step. It was just one more reawakening…to our own true nature of coming from the far and distant stars. We no longer are limited to our earth bound energies. Cayce said there were eight earthly dimensions. I’ve been working with the Hathors for awhile now utilizing some of the energies from the twelfth dimension.

Today I was realizing some of the potentials for healing our bodies using the higher energies. The entire universe is somehow connected via these higher frequencies, including our selves, our minds, our hearts, and virtually everything else. Not only can we see for miles and miles…we can also help to restore our lives and health by learning how to utilize these source codes or energetic systems to upgrade our bodies, and more importantly, our earthly planet. There is hope. There is also much work needed to be done here. I can not stress that enough. As hard as I have worked for the last last decade and a half…I feel as if I have been able to restore only half of what I really need to do. I also see and feel the light of our Creator, who has enabled all of us to simply learn to meet the inner challenges that come with growing into the love and light of god. One of the many things my teacher said was that there are no excuses…anymore. We have reached a collective point in our growth where we all need to stand on our own two feet.

Much of the present moment now consists of all the inner lessons that I have learned and mastered. The last two thousand years have covered a lot of ground and many lifetimes. I have remembered and finished up some of my own lessons that revolved directly with the Christ entity along with some other ones that have stretched back even further. There were unfinished and even failed life missions that have had a direct bearing on my present life here. I have had an idea that this might be my last mission and lifetime here. My inner consciousness has directly merged with Gaia, and the eagle/condor energies that have been instrumental for me in reconnecting to our Mother Earth. I’ve been watching with great interest about the water elements and flooding going on in the Midwest, something that Cayce had prophesied.

This all goes back to the book of Revelations in the Bible and the 144,000 light workers. There is an extraordinary moment. There is a new generation of younger ones stepping up into leadership positions in an effort the change the world we have taken for granted.

Our physical bodies are going through a major change. It is quite extraordinary. The light elements have shifted the inner structures of our body into becoming more quantum. The higher vibratory energies have changed it into a more crystalline makeup…our DNA are being effected at the same time. At times I can see the pure light from our creator gods flowing down around us. There is much to be looked forward too as we able to shift and realize our own inner godliness and love…and light…for everyone!

Remember the scene in “2001, A Space Odyssey” where the astronaut Dave in embraced by the monolith towards the end of the movie and all you see is a tremendous light show. The next scene is where you see a human embryo circling back towards the earth. That still is the most graphic and accurate description of what my own life has become…a real re-awakening to the spiritual sideband aspects of love and light. Now, there will be a new reckoning as the new generations of light workers truly seize this moment and shift humanity back toward the light of god, our creator.





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