Gifts from the Father

I’ve been outside working on prepping about 1,400 square feet of soil that was between the adjacent property that was recently cleared so a new home could be built. It means a new neighborhood along with another opportunity to be a good neighbor with someone new. It’s basically going to be a low maintenance native grass and wildflower mix where hopefully I won’t have to trim it very often. I’m bringing my gardening background along with all the ideas I simple can’t keep from cropping up in my own imagination.  “Good fences make good neighbors”  was what Robert Frost is supposed to have said.

Today while I was working on this, the thought also came to me about the gift of love that has been bestowed upon me. What came to mind was simply, “In his own way, in his own time…” ( source unknown )

I remember going out to the ARE Headquarters in Virginia Beach back in 2003 after I had psychic visitation from Edgar Cayce. I had just finished reading Sidney Kirkpatrick’s  book “Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet” and so the next thing I knew I decided to attend one of the conferences out there which happened to be on the Easter Sunday weekend. I remember be so excited to get there, but by that Saturday night I was trying to go to sleep.  Underlying all this was that I had become a little disappointed that nothing more “magical” had happened. I was also feeling a little uncertain where all this left me. Maybe there was nothing left to except and to admit that maybe that is all it was meant to be.

So the next day, several of the attendees had decided to hold an impromptu sunrise service across from the headquarters on the beach. While we were gathered there, I remember my whole inside internal awareness was suddenly filled with light. It was if that once I surrendered to the disappointment and defeat…the light and  love from out Father was bestowed upon me…

So today, as I was outside working, this thought about the gift of the Father comes again and again…”in his own way… in its own time.”

I am blessed to be able to be back working outside, something I had been able to do my entire life…My chemotherapy sessions have literally been draining my strength and vitality and little by little it has steadily been returning. I have six more chemo treatments left along with some follow up radiation therapy afterwards. I simply don’t care what tomorrow will bring. My entire life has been a gift..thick or thin..bad and good,..and anything else you wish to call it. The only outcome that it makes it worthwhile is that I have been blessed with all of this to simply lead me to this share…to love…to create…and peace.

I probably already have mentioned this before..I really read a lot while I was going to school. There was a time my attention was captivated by several books full of short stories. One of them was about an old women living out in the woods by herself  who was a healer. She took on other peoples suffering and healed them. The end of the story was where she was preparing herself for one big last healing, not knowing whether she would survive or not…thinking it might eventually end her life.

So here I am, sitting out in my own wooded area where I have been blessed to be and am having to deal with this reoccurrence of breast cancer. It’s been an extraordinary time for me. I’ve been having to deal with all of this over the past two-three months now. But the extraordinary thing of this is that my nightly healing meditations have intensified dramatically. I am almost sure that the timing of all of this is being in sync with some of the greater cosmic energy reset our planet earth with help from the greater universe we are a part of. This has been a lesson on simply being grateful and full of gratitude for simply being here at this moment…it is not going to be a simply moment in time…but a moment where time has almost seemed to have stopped.  We are becoming aware of eternity…each moment being an eternal acknowledgement and sense.

So the gift of the Father is to simply knowing and accept each moment as it is…there will be nothing to wait for….every moment will lead us to the next one. Everything that is  bestowed upon us as we wait, listen, and accept with the  trust as a gift of our creator Father/Mother god, with love, kindness, and forbearance.

Patiently, we are becoming gods…


Thank you again,


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