Learning healthy food choices

I started coming of age back in the 60’s – 70’s where I grew up back in the Midwest with the typical meat based diet…surrounded by vegetables and mashed potatoes. I was intrigued with many things and one of them eventually led me to Boston for several months where I worked at the Hippocratic Health Institute that was based on Ann Wigmore’s raw food diet. What was interesting back then was that the macro-biotic food movement was also a presence out there at the same time.We had a friendly rivalry going. I realized that if I got back out in the work force again….the raw food diet wouldn’t work for me.

Over the next decade or so, I made the best of what I tried to do…I didn’t have a lot of permanence as far as a kitchen facilities go. I moved around to different cities, worked in  the woods and lived out of my truck at times. I eventually was able to find a more permanent employer where I worked and eventually retired from. It meant I could go back to one of my loves which was cooking and trying to eat as healthy as possible. There really wasn’t a basic premise except to eat a healthy diet…I was willing to try many different things and ideas. Seattle had a great food co-op system spread  throughout the area which helped.

I got caught up in food fermentation and still am. I’ve made my own sauerkraut , kimchi, kombucha, miso, milk kefir, sourdough bread, and natto. Eventually the idea to try and go vegetarian come to me which I tried for a couple years. I realized later that my body needed some more meat because I’d moved back out into a wooded country side and my body was starting to get too cold. I did a lot of physical work outdoors and so I eventually settled onto a more balanced diet that Cayce recommended. Vegetables, fruits, salads, and meat…not a meat based diet but more as a side. This is more of what I am still on today though I am having to undergo a big physical change because of the chemo therapy.

The point I am trying to get through is the idea that our body has it’s own consciousness. It knows what is going on within and if you start to listen to it…it will guide you. That is another idea that Cayce states and one I have adhered to. I know I have already mentioned this before, but when I was still working, I’d regularly have dreams about what to cook for the following week so I could do my weekend grocery shopping and do my cooking.

So now that I am having to undergo chemo therapy, I’ve finished the first two months and have started on the next cycle of three months with two more to go. It puts your body through a sometimes extreme course of changes. Every body function is effected to some degree. There eventually gets to be a rhythm to it its cycle just seems to give you enough time to be ready for the next one.

I’ve had my foot in several different systems…my medical intuitive whom I’ve been working with for maybe 10 years have been helpful, my good friend back in Wisconsin daughter-in-law who lives back in Maine has a herbal business and her tonics have been great. Geoffrey Cares who I met through the Edgar Cayce health fb page has also given me some good advice.

Now, what has driven me to write this article is that since having to undergo all these cancer treatments, there has been something that has come up that has captivated my own interest in diet once again. Once I first started the chemo, mushrooms have caught my attention. Mushroom, the word, started popping up in my mind and I couldn’t exactly figure out why. What I did do was to go down to the oriental market and getting caught up in making soups with mushrooms and noodles. It had a really soothing quality to it and helped restore a sense of calm internally. I know that my Japanese heritage was know for its love of mushrooms too, something that I never really got caught up in. My ancestors down around Mt. Hood in Oregon were well known  for all  their secret places to pick mushrooms. I also make a really good vegetarian-based Bolognese pasta sauce using mushrooms.

I have another dear friend back in Minneapolis who has made it his passion to explore and to lecture about these fungi. It started to spark my attention. He was big on the chaga mushroom and made some great tasting iced tea from them. Paul Stamets is a well known expert who lives in Washington State and his work has made his work more widely known. His work on mycology and bioremediation has stirred a more non-till approach to gardening and plant propagation.

Last week I came across the Host Defense fb page…based on Paul’s work in medicinal fungi. I bought some of it’s Tumeric Immune tea and got it today.  This is the third different mushroom based food/beverage that seems to immediately restore a sense of well-being for me. I don’t know if it might help others but for me..I decided to buy one of their immunity boosters today.

I want to re emphasize the point I made about the body’s own innate wisdom and it’s ability to communicate it…to heal…to point out where we need to pay attention to..in order to bring it back to health. One of the real necessities to paying attention now, is that our earth’s vibratory rate is increasing and as a result, our body’s energy systems are changing also. As we increase our own energy, our body is being out through it’s own changes as well. The old density along with all of its physical manifestations are becoming sloughed off…leaving a much more aware and alive individual and human being.

I am hopeful that we are able to keep up with all the necessary changes that we will need to address and make. I am hopeful that through our own diligence and courage we will be able to find solutions and remedies for ourselves and our future generations. There is still much to learn..there is still much more to love. I am hopeful that this might be one of them.

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1 Response to Learning healthy food choices

  1. Dorene King says:

    I just learned so much from this article! Thank you Gordon!

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