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I am uncertain about how to voice my concerns, but I thought I’d start by trying to address some of the things I’ve been experiencing as of late. I thought I use my WordPress acc’t so I could freely share these these thoughts with others.

I realize that most of my own inner experiences have been more mystical in nature and it is certainly not a commonly shared perspective. I have had to walk away from several groups already not only simply because they were not not believable, but more for some of the negative reactions they brought out. I’ve been recently mocked and derided from some spiritual groups that I had been working with in hopes of helping raise the vibrations and to leave some of the more volatile emotions they brought out behind.

For the most part, the 3rd dimensional energies of time, space, and what Edgar Cayce says…patience. It was the patience part that I didn’t understand as well as I probably should. But looking back I realize that we have a long way to go and at other times I am struck and divinely inspired as I see what these new energies and thoughts they are bringing along with them.

Most all of have can intellectual understanding of the word eternity. For the most part it has meant an abstract meaning of forever…but for the most part it has not been a common experience to have and experienced in it’s true light.

I know at times I have already shared many of these types of things that have led me to where I am today. Basically a large part of my spiritual development has a gnostic foundation where you experience directly the Truth. It is a step beyond belief…it is still a living prayer for me at times, but for the most part I can ask the universe directly for information and inner guidance. What started as that small, still voice inside for answers has at times been an oceanic response.

Over the last several years, I have been using the energies I have been working with to help the Egyptian pyramids to awaken. I can literally “see” with my spiritual eyes the waves of energies being released. I also have been “talking” directly to the water elements and have seen the literal waves of their energy flowing out through the world.

Not only are there many things in nature being awakened, there are also many of the ancient beings coming back in and helping me. I started working with the Hathors in raising my inner consciousness into the 12th dimension, a purer state of consciousness where you can begin to enter into healing space where one gives up their own individuality and channel directly to the All.

One night over a year ago, Thoth came and took me under his wing as an apprentice. He was well know for his ability to go down underneath the pyramids into the Halls of Amenti were he could go and restore himself physically and spiritually which is something we can relate too.

Sekhmet has become a looming presence for me. He appeared above one night recently above me.

I have also mentioned before about my relationship with the divine Father and Mother, and the Christ. We are all here…much more than ever.

A week or so ago, I “heard” these words spoken to me inside…seven seals. I “heard” them on both sides…my left and the right which I took as being balanced in both the feminine and masculine sides of myself.

John van Auken wrote something I found through googling Edgar Cayce, and seven seals. I had  been unfamiliar with what the seven seals meant before I had this experience.

A day or two afterwards I was laying down in one of my typical healing states and a large forearm literally reached down into my skull and shifted some things that had been a source of obstruction for me. Something changed dramatically for me…the blockages that had been holding back these spiritual energies were removed.

I think we have now being shifted into our true timeless nature for ourselves…meaning being able to start feeling for ourselves.  Our patience is being rewarded.

I realize that the work will have to continue. The number of 144,000 light workers here on the planet keeps coming to mind. The younger generations are also beginning to find their ways to step forward as well. The world, though seemingly in continual chaos and dissension, is also changing dramatically and will continue that way for some time. Our planet, Mother Earth, and her indwelling spirit, Gaia, is changing as well. We all must move forward and change right along with her.

I saw a wave of pure spirit and love beginning to move through the world tonight.

Thank you!

Gordon Yumibe

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Interested in fostering growth and nurturing other peoples spiritual interests.
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