The Crystal Children

READING: 2464-2 (Edgar Cayce )

The children of the Law of One were giving periods to the concentration of thought for the use of the universal forces, through the guidance or direction of the saints (as would be termed today). There are few terms in the present that would indicate the state of consciousness; save that, through the concentration of the group mind of the children of the Law of One, they entered into a fourth-dimensional consciousness – or were absent from the body. Thus they were able to have that experience of crystallizing, through the Light, the speech from what might well be termed the saint realm, to impart understanding and knowledge to the group thus gathered.

READING 262-46 (Edgar Cayce )

13. (Q) What is meant by the children of light, as just given? (A) They that choose to be guided by His will and do not, through themselves, attempt to manifest self rather than the will of the Father.
In the beginning was the word, and the word was God. He said, Let there be LIGHT – and there was light. Like begets like. It IS both cause and effect, and they that choose some other way become the children of darkness; and they are these: Envying, strife, hate; and the children of these are sedition, rebellion, and the like.
The children of light first love, for “Though I may have the gift of prophecy, though I may speak in unknown tongues, though I give my body to be burned and have not the spirit of the Son of man, the Christ Consciousness, the Christ Spirit, I am nothing.” For, the children of light KNOW Him; He calleth each by name. 


The last two nights I have had two significant dreams. The dream two night ago, I felt that I had stepped back into one of my most favorable parts of my mission and that was to being a teacher for the younger generations. I served as a mentor while I was working for the university as a gardener. My life was transformed when they started hiring younger ones. It changed the whole context of the shop where I worked. When I had this dream I could tell that I was just one of them( in the dream sequence) just like everyone else. After I awoke, I realized that they were part of the crystal children who were coming of age.

I am almost sure that have already mentioned where I had changed my spiritual/physical nature into the same crystalline energy. I had been diligent in my efforts to transform and transmute all these lower energies that were not only surrounding me but also trying to hinder my own attempts to change the energetic patterns into a higher level. One night I looked into my heart and saw a crystal prism. I looked later into my solar plexus and saw a Merkaba light structure in my third chakra. That was several years ago and then I “saw” the new crystalline energy grid encircling our planet earth.

The impact of all this is that these children are “wired” into a higher level of energy. They have been born without all the energetic grids of the 3rd dimension…or at least they can operate in both plus probably several others. There is a term that describes this as becoming multi-dimensionable. Most of us are moving towards the 5th dimension, the area of our heart centered life where our Ideals and purpose starts to unfold. Many of these crystal children have passed beyond this into some higher dimensions. Many already are aware of coming from different planetary systems.

I just read something the the channel Kryon said. He said that there would be children who would change the world. They would not be willing to accept the normal limitations that we as human beings, have been living with for possibly eons. I think we can already see some of these children here.

So last night, during my healing meditation/channeling, I saw the higher light come through from a different higher dimension. I saw all these small lights around the world, lighting up as they were absorbing this energy. They are already here and they are wakening up! It is meant to happen. I almost feel like an elder telling you and everyone else what they have seen. I can almost begin to tell you that these children will not put up with war or for a matter of fact, anything that divides and separates us as human beings…we are aligned in the heart and will do everything we can, to help stop this darkness that has engulfed humanity for so long.


My heart leaps up when I behold

A rainbow in the sky:
So was it when my life began;
So is it now I am a man;
So be it when I shall grow old,
Or let me die!
The Child is father of the Man;
And I could wish my days to be
Bound each to each by natural piety.

William Wordsworth, 1770 – 1850

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