Wednesday night sharing….

Hello Atlantic University Alumni. I thought I’d contribute some of my own thoughts about what’s been happening to me. From what a little I have already mentioned in my previous posts…it has not been a life that won’t make a lot of sense to the uninitiated. Much which will remain unknown until you will experience for yourself. There has been a traditional saying that applies here I have always liked….”The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see…” Alexander K. Trentfor

My teacher I met in my twenties was a gnostic master/teacher/friend. That relationship lasted maybe about five years before he gently “kicked” me down the road a bit. All in all, when I had a visitation come from Edgar Cayce thirty years later, after I had just finished reading Sidney Kirkpatrick’s book, “Edgar Cayce, An American Prophet”. I took trip to Virginia Beach in 2003 on a Easter Sunday weekend where I became illuminated on the beach across from headquarters during an impromptu Easter Sunday service.

Much has happened since. Much of which has been a steady, yet completely restructuring of my own thoughts and feelings that has shifted me into a totally different reality. A reality that vibrates with a higher inner unity consciousness and awareness.

There have also been a unity within myself from several different past lives that have come back to me. My awareness of a connection to St. Paul has led me back into the good graces of my Father/Mother and to my brother, the Christ. My Native American consciousness has also become once again deeply integrated within myself. There have been more…they all have become more deeply integrated within myself too. An Egyptian awareness came back after helping the pyramids to reawaken…Akhenaten awoke inside.

So it has been apparent for me for quite some time now that there is a shift going on here in our world and planet we call Mother Earth..Gaia. There really is a unity of consciousness that is starting to become more apparent to the may of us who have been involved in this world of raising humanities inner consciousness, to their own divinity within.

Here is the latest transformation…there have been others who have been convinced that I am an archangel. I have had to leave several groups behind. Just last week, after all of this, I have had to face a really daunting task of trying to raise up some really horrendous dark and hateful energies that have been buried down in my subconsciousness and I had no other choice except to awaken those same archangel energies to help raise them up so they too may become released. The last several days and nights have been some of the darkest I have ever had to face…

We all are facing some of the darkest times we will ever have to face up with. Let that divine grace that is inside come through you…the old ways are going away. Keep your hearts and minds focused on god, our creator…our divine grace. Peace my friends…

Gordon Yumibe

About gordonyumibe

Interested in fostering growth and nurturing other peoples spiritual interests.
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