The Healing Space

        There is a place in my own inner consciousness where I go that is connected to literally everything, everybody, or any hidden thought and emotion I care to see. Though I have been unable to find any written parallels that can attest to this, I am sure I am not the only one who has been able to find their way here. I am not currently a student of any Eastern spiritual tradition but know there must be parallels within those traditions as well. There is again a reading given by Edgar Cayce, which seems to give an explanation for where I go…

“He has promised, ‘If you but open the door of your consciousness, of your heart, I will enter and abide with you.’ This is not a fancy; this is not hearsay. You may experience such. For it is the law, it is the way, it is Life itself !”     Edgar Cayce reading 1632-5

This reading is about finding one’s way back to the Source, within one’s self. I had a QHHT hypnotic session about a year ago where once I entered the hypnotic stage, I found myself literally suspended on a bridge of light between the physical and spiritual worlds. For those of you who are unfamiliar with QHHT, it is a hypnotic technique developed by Delores Cannon as a way to talk to your higher self. It was a rainbow light bridge and I was able to go back to another lifetime to where I was first initiated in becoming this for myself. It is a bridge to be used as a way to help serve others so they too might find a way to cross over in to the light for themselves.

I had a teacher give me a reading a long time ago in which it stated that my purpose in this life was to become a “cosmic” healer. It would involve many different experiences that would help lead me to what I needed to learn. He ended up being right but it has taken me over forty years to really understand what he meant. Part of that was having that very dramatic psychic/psychotic experience which opened up a channel to my psychic abilities. I am thankful I wasn’t told what some of those experiences were going to be, beforehand.

Another part involved becoming deeply wounded where I absorbed some really dark energy that left me feeling almost physically crippled at times. I’ve spent a great deal of time over the fifteen years trying to heal some of these.

The story, which gave this struggle some meaning, was the Prometheus/Chiron myth from ancient Greece. Prometheus was a friend of the god’s who stole their fire and gave it to humanity. The god’s became enraged and sentenced Prometheus to be chained to some rocks where each night vultures would come and peck his liver out. Chiron was a well-known centaur who took pity on Prometheus and appealed to the god’s to replace Prometheus with himself. This is where the story of the “wounded healer” began. What Chiron did to help alleviate his own nightly sufferings was to start healing others as a way of reducing his own suffering and make it more bearable.

So too for me, this was the same opportunity I used, nightly, to extend my healing energies out into the world. There is an inner part of myself that is connected to everything else in Creation. For me, it is a matter where I focus. I can think locally, I can think globally, or cosmically as well. It is all about the same; it just requires that there is sufficient light energies to create the inner connection. I can see what is blocking the energies and what needs to be done to get the inner currents flowing. Much of it has to do with our belief systems, fears, our wounds, and inner shadow material. There is no real separation. What I see there, I experience as being a part of myself. In a way, I am healing a part of ourselves by healing what I see inside of me.

We are in the Aquarian age. The symbol, “Aquarius is an air sign, a thinking sign, this despite the ancient image of a man pouring out water…The water is symbolic of celestial waters and could have its origins with the rainy season. On a symbolic level, the water can be seen as Aquarius quenching our thirst for knowledge.”     Laurence Hillman, “The Aquarian Age- An Introduction.”

When I close my eyes, I see light pouring down from the heavens. In this inner place, my Father/Mother, the Son, and all the heavenly hosts are able to use this bridge to send their blessings out into the physical world. The world of separation and duality slowing dissolve into a higher dimension of love. I am a water bearer; a healer of this divided and separated self.

We are now living at a very unique time here on earth, our mother Gaia. We all have an opportunity to recreate a better world for ourselves. All these present hardships we are all facing forces us to find a deeper meaning in it for ourselves. The answer usually lies deeply buried somewhere within us. Once we begin to understand and see that some of the cause or answers lies within us, we can change. It really does begin within our own thoughts, our emotions, our fears and many of our long-held beliefs of heaven or hell. We begin to see how we have created this world within our selves by our thoughts and emotions. Our own inner healing processes begin. We see a new and better way to live and connect with ourselves back to the Source of all love.

I may have created this healing place within myself, but it is available to all. We are all one. We can truly become what Cayce would say as “ being a channel of blessing.” Try and take that first step, and see what you are doing to yourself. Take that next step, and see how you can create something better not just for yourselves and for each other as well. It is said that all the love you give comes back…it is said that the master is lifted up into heaven upon the shoulders of all those he has helped. Become the change you want to see in the world. Heaven waits patiently for each and every one of us until we are all able to make the journey back home.

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  3. thank you for blessing us all with your personal healing work – God bless you X

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