Quantum Healing…and Me

I want to express a new ideal that is gaining traction recently, though the word, quantum, is not new, especially in a new understanding of physics. I am not a physicist and don’t pretend to know anything about it except that it involves different levels of energy. I have been personally involved with healing for over a decade. In that short ten years I have created a healing space that is able to bridge the different dimensional spaces that for the most part, have remained hidden within us all. It started with me having no other choice except to reach out into some of these inner/outer dimensions because of my own wounded Chironic character. Chiron was a well-known and well-respected centaur that replaced Prometheus’s nightly suffering by trading places with him. Chiron is now known as the “wounded healer….” The famous lesson that can be taken away is that Chiron started healing others to lesson his own mortal pain. I too experienced the nightly episodes of my own wounded character, which slowly transcended into this “new” healing modality I wish to speak of.

As we all move towards the end of the Mayan character, our levels of awareness and consciousness are also transcending the old, outmoded ways of thinking and being. We are slowly making our ways back into our rightful sphere of influence and stature as “cosmic citizens…” We are becoming light and love…beings that are gradually navigating their way into another dimensional framework. The fourth dimension is a mental sphere where the collective unconsciousness/consciousness resides. The fifth dimension is the emotional centered heart consciousness. We are also moving into another age, the Aquarian age, and cosmologically, we are at the end of a greater sidereal year of 26,000 years. Our planet earth is now once again aligned back with the center of our Milky Way. As cosmic citizens, not only our earth is undergoing tremendous transformation, but we as individuals are too.  There are changes that are coming that not only involve our role as earthly inhabitants.  We are rapidly approaching an era of becoming inter-dimensional and also inter-galactic as well. What I mean is that there will be a time where we all can learn to transcend the normal limitations involved living only within a 3-dimensional world….we are also regaining an awareness of the other star systems helping us make this leap. Edgar Cayce said there were eight dimensions. I know it might be a stretch for most of us, but I recently read and experienced the Hathors, who are able to live in a higher state of pure consciousness in what they described as the ten, eleventh, and twelfth dimensional framework…the twelfth one was described as giving up one’s personal identity.

So what does this have to do with quantum…and inner healing? I have, for a long time, have been living in an intra-dimensional state that Cayce said was “becoming one with the Creative Force…” I can see into these inner dimensions at different times and have had, though somewhat briefly, experienced all these different dimensions. If the symbol of the “water bearer” is an accurate depiction of the Aquarian Age…there is an ocean of light and love that is being actively “down loaded” into our human operating systems. Many of our worn-out thought processes are being released. This is where I, and many others, have come up with using the word “quantum” to describe all the changes these energies have been having not only with us but Gaia, our Mother earth, our planet, as well. We are literally “shifting” the energetics of our planet, Earth; including the we, ourselves as well. This is what, I feel, is the real meaning of 2012.

The other side is what Cayce would call the “purgation” of the soul so we can transform and transcend into a higher dimensional light frequency…so we can lose many of these fear-based and controlling lower energy thought patterns and become Love, our true heritage and home.

       It’s has been said that our worst experiences have been given to all of us as a teaching tool to help us all learn who we truly are. Cayce calls this “long suffering.” There are many multi-dimensional facets that are part of this inner healing modality. One of the bigger ones is what is being asked of all of us to do. We are all being asked, with courage, to begin re-experiencing these all these inner wounds again, to not only relive them, but to see them from another higher dimensional framework. There is nothing in our human consciousness or inner sorrow so deep, that these higher aspects of love can’t redeem. In doing this, we begin to see and learn something about our own inner, true divine character. As we see the love in ourselves to forgive and release these sometimes horrible, life-altering wounds; we also begin to find our own inner capacity to free ourselves and love more openly and freely once again. It helps us to redeem our chosen life patterns and brings us more fully into this new age, where Love and Light will stand once again by our side.

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Interested in fostering growth and nurturing other peoples spiritual interests.
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3 Responses to Quantum Healing…and Me

  1. jeanw5 says:

    I am deeply impressed with your ability to express in words what I can only intuit. I seem to need both feet on the ground (a rootedness) and yet to be connected (by miracle it seems) to Spirit, whom, I believe has an expanded vision of many dimensions of reality. He teaches me where I am, at a simple seeker awareness. As you bravely share what has been shared with you, through your own experiences and gifts of awareness from more learned, inner sources, so do I, in my own simple way. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

    • Gordon Yumibe says:


      I am being blessed with you and several others who are helping me to expand and grow…just to be able to find others who are finding that inner ability to connect with Spirit or any other higher dimensions is something I have not had before now….am grateful for this opportunity to connect with you!


  2. Leslie Lampkin says:

    An amazing piece, thank-you. I like how you speak of 2012 because it was an incident of Dec. 21 2012 that seen me walk away from my daughter and go back to where it all began. A time where I’m comfortable in saying I lost what it meant to care. But only when someone called me out and asked what did I care about 12 000 liters of water (the aquarian age) being wasted for no reason did my journey start to unfold bringing me back to the original state I entered this world as. A pure innocent being.

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