Our Stories, Our Selves

Each one of us is a separately created and evolved person that has it’s own unique story to share with the One and All. We each personally reflect what choices and experiences we have all taken. We may think that is all we are, an inner composite of all of these choices and decisions. There is so much more!

It is becoming increasingly clear to many of us that this is only the smaller pattern that is only reflecting a greater pattern of which we are all a part. Each reality we experience is part of something greater. Part of my own individual reality started down this road of discovery when I first came upon writings of Carl Jung. What took hold of me in my early twenties was the concept of the process of individuation, the microcosm. This was truly a big blessing for me. It meant that my own life might have a greater meaning and significance then I once thought. The true greatness of this idea was that it pointed us towards a larger reality and inner meaning, the macrocosm.

A pattern has emerged within my imagination to help me illustrate how this process seems to be working. The pattern is a strand of DNA…it unfolds in several dimensions at once. The larger dimension is the inner relationship between the physical and spiritual reality. Whether or not one is aware of this larger pattern, each strand is operational while we are living here on this planet. On a smaller dimension, our individuality is asserting itself on a physical level so that our inner spiritual lives can unfold. Our spiritual side can grow apart or together with the physical strand because of our thoughts and actions.  Our inner selves can share and grow into a larger dimension depending on the nature of our actions and how they reflect back upon the nature of this greater reality.

There are many different teachings that help point this out. One example is the Biblical parable about building your house on sand or stone, a fitting tribute to the necessity of a solid foundation. Edgar Cayce acknowledges the same thing when he commented that one’s spiritual foundation be built “line-by-line,” “a little here, a little there,” and “practiced daily.”  Another facet of Cayce’s teaching was the adage that no matter what happens, God has prepared a way out. If one can imagine a series of intersecting, interconnected actions all moving forward in an ever-increasing spiral; the goal is the creation a more loving divine space within us. By connecting with that one small soul portion of ourselves, we can begin bridging the inner chasm between our mortal and immortal selves.

Now I am sure that some of you might be asking what this has to do with your own personal stories. Cayce says each of us represent a corpuscle in the body of our Creator. Once we are able to see past our own inner feelings of smallness and limitations, we become much more willing to accept the parts of ourselves that can help us recognize our inner greatness. We can become one with the Lord.  Our own individual stories will take on a greater meaning as we move forward. They may represent something in our past that we need to come to terms with or as a way of moving forward collectively. We are all interconnected. Another aspect is finding what our soul mission is. It could be anything, a vocation, a family, a religion or another spiritual pursuit. Things happen to us for a reason no matter how small and insignificant they might seem.

Right now as we speak, there is an ocean of love and light that is literally pouring down from the heavens. It is meant to strengthen our connectedness to that inner bridge, between all the strands of our earthly dimensions and the spiritual. It becomes increasingly important for all of us to pause inwardly to allow this light to enter within. Let our inward successes become the outward manifestation of our spiritual growth. Many of our choices will reflect what comes and what goes. Already there is much unrest in the world as we are all starting to wake up to these higher dimensions. We are no longer willing to accept the status quo and the rampant inequality that has caused so much suffering and inner blightedness to manifest.  Let our stories begin to share in the joys and the sorrows. We have been asking for the light and the love to help us all find our way back home. Every burden and sufferings can be given up into the ready embrace of the All Mighty’s love…everything.

Things are changing on many different levels. These higher frequency energies are changing not only the way we live but also fundamentally our societal structures that may no longer fit. We are changing. This has not been easy. Our rebirthing can start on an individual basis, but there are many among us who have already taken the necessary steps within to help others make similar transformations. A new wave has emerged. Our stories are merging into a higher vision that once seemed impossible and unimaginable.  Release what no longer holds any lasting value, breathe in and let these new energies into your own divine selves.  Once again, begin to reimagine your selves as divine sparks reigniting. Begin on another chapter of all our life stories that share in delight of our new forthcoming days…peace and blessings to all.

“What if, for one day, you treated every person you came in contact with as if they were the key to saving humanity? The petty differences and emotional disturbances you occasionally magnify would disappear, yes?”

“Here is a surprise for you; each person you meet on a daily basis IS the key to saving humanity! Everyone carries a piece of The Universe within their hearts…..treat it, and them, lovingly, respectfully and with the same care you show yourself. The beauty you find will always astound you!” ~ Creator (as transcribed by Jennifer Farley,  4/21/12 )


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