Healing through the Akashic Records

Healing through the Akashic Records


Linda Howe


 Gordon Yumibe

The journey of a seeker usually means a solitary journey or path that must be taken by one’s  own self. It gives the individual seeker an ability to see for themselves the many merits or not of various teachings that are being presented as such. Once the path being evaluated is recognized as worthwhile, the individual must act, ultimately by him or herself.  Many times it is met with many, many trials that must be faced and mastered before the Truth will emerge. There really doesn’t seem to be any other way.

The initial attempts help create an inner fire or determination to a point where nothing but the truth will ever quench one’s inner thirst. Many times the very ones we wish to help end up wounding us.

Linda Howe has written a new book that perfectly resonates with the many truths that my own individual life reflects. It seems that her life of searching and discovery parallels mine on several different levels. I particularly like Section Three, “Our Sacred Wounds as a Pathway to Peace in Our Relations with Others.” We seem to have been able to come to the same passageway that speaks some of the same inner truths. She talks about her own personal breakthroughs into the spiritual realm that have helped her come to terms with her own life, her struggles, and her insights about this quest or healing journey we both seem to be making.

My life has also included personal breakthroughs into the spiritual realm and my own attempts to rectify the many, many wounds I too have had to endure. I have written other articles about this in other formats. It seems as if fate has led me back into Linda’s territory with her healing work through the Akashic Records.

For those of you who might not be familiar with the Akashic Records, they are supposed to be the repository of every created beings life story, from the moment of creation. Edgar Cayce was well known for his ability to travel to this Hall of Records while in a trance state. Many of his readings were the result of people seeking cures for physical ailments. There were many other readings for a wider variety of questions that have to do with one’s own spiritual growth and one’s own world viewpoint. By being able to find and access this storehouse of wisdom and love is a way to help each and every person begin to unlock the door to the many mysteries of ones own life. It also helps one face the fearful ramifications that come up when confronted by one’s own inner wounded ness. Linda and I have both come to realize that the true significance of facing these issues can be used as to create an internal bridge back to our inner Divinity, a passage way. A passageway created in order to help serve others.

I think there are many dimensions at work here. One thing that I think is key here is where the seeker discovers through experience, that one’s own pathway is blocked because of an inner obstruction, a wound. I’ve heard a long time ago that is compared to a Gordian knot, something that internally resisted and fights to the very end any attempts to help unravel it’s inner mysteries. It seems so unfair to the many of us who are facing this very dilemma need to face up and experience the same painful experience for a second time. Cayce has already stated somewhere that ultimately the reason for our diseases was the separation that we have back to the Source. Part of this adventure is to learn something about our Divine heritage, to reconnect with this inner source of love and life. Another part seems to be able to learn how we must be all begin to heal ourselves, so we can regain our Innocence and our Oneness.

Linda states so simply, directly and eloquently how we need to create a safe non-judgmental space through our work in the Akashic Records. It is a beginning to unravel our own “Gordian knot.”  Everything can be transformed. We create a pathway where these healing energies can create a bridge back to our Oneness. We learn to trust this process to a very real point of not being too phased or frightened of what comes into our awareness. We are able to release more and more of our inner wounded ness. We forgive. We become lighter in our very being. We regain the senses of our Divine nature; we love and learn to live in gratitude, grace and gratitude for what we have learned.

There was a movie made in 1968 that illustrates some of our Divine nature and it’s healing effects. The movie was, “ 2001, A Space Odyssey”, by Stanley Kubrick. Towards the very end of the movie, David Bowman the astronaut, finds himself as an aging old man laying in bed before which one of the monoliths appear in front of him. As he reaches out to it he becomes transformed into an embryonic baby floating peacefully back towards Earth. “It’s full of light!” Whenever I try to illustrate to the uninitiated what it’s like to become living in an illuminated state, that is what comes to mind. We become reborn, younger, innocent. The Akashic Records is just one of the many lights we can learn to access for our own growth, spiritually as well as healing.

I mentioned earlier that I had tried out Linda’s prayer method to gain access for myself. I was excited when her first book came out. I have spent several years obtaining a Certificate of Spiritual Mentoring through Atlantic University, the ARE’s educational branch in Virginia Beach. I had been creating my own pathways into some of my own wounded character. Her writings and practices meld quite nicely into this format I have created for myself. Some of my transformation and healing have been patterned after the Saturnian/Uranus/Chiron passageway, the “wounded healer.” As I continued on my own healing journey I’ve been given a second chance to begin using the energy of the Akashic Records again. They are like a “muscular bubbling brook” that is tumbling down into Earth plane for our own healing. Like the monolith, there is a healing sphere of many influences that is presently surrounding our physical planet that is shaping and transforming our lives and world as we speak. All we need to do is to learn how we can all help to restore our brothers and sisters natural state of unity, to become Love and Light unto each other once again. Peace…

“He leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul:”

23rd Psalms, KJV


I agreed beforehand to write an article after reading her new book. I have no financial stake and have only wish is to be able to share my own thoughts freely. Thank you for your understanding!


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2 Responses to Healing through the Akashic Records

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  2. jeanw5 says:

    Dear Gordon, I was very interested in your article that spoke of the Akashic Records (or energy field). I have some awareness of the process and I very much admire what you are doing to assist whomever you can (and we cannot assist anyone who rejects our assistance). Sometimes I wish that I, too, could serve Life in this way, but Spirit (my connection to a higher reality) claims that we (He and I) took a sacred vow to serve together. He can, at times, appear as a total male chauvinist. He responds with the claim that men were designed to lead and women to follow. If I were as aware as He seems to be, then I would be inclined to challenge him. As it is, I feel blessed to serve with Him, even in a much less important role. But, perhaps we are all destined to serve Life in a unique way. I may be tempted to envy what others are doing but I hope I have the good sense to know that my place is as Spirit’s channel and assistant, in that in presenting my simple thoughts honestly, this provides Spirit with the opportunity to teach me, and anyone else who cares to listen and is prepared to learn more about life beyond the illusion of matter.
    May you have found peace of mind. Perhaps everything that we endure is for a reason.

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