The Crystal Children

READING: 2464-2 (Edgar Cayce )

The children of the Law of One were giving periods to the concentration of thought for the use of the universal forces, through the guidance or direction of the saints (as would be termed today). There are few terms in the present that would indicate the state of consciousness; save that, through the concentration of the group mind of the children of the Law of One, they entered into a fourth-dimensional consciousness – or were absent from the body. Thus they were able to have that experience of crystallizing, through the Light, the speech from what might well be termed the saint realm, to impart understanding and knowledge to the group thus gathered.

READING 262-46 (Edgar Cayce )

13. (Q) What is meant by the children of light, as just given? (A) They that choose to be guided by His will and do not, through themselves, attempt to manifest self rather than the will of the Father.
In the beginning was the word, and the word was God. He said, Let there be LIGHT – and there was light. Like begets like. It IS both cause and effect, and they that choose some other way become the children of darkness; and they are these: Envying, strife, hate; and the children of these are sedition, rebellion, and the like.
The children of light first love, for “Though I may have the gift of prophecy, though I may speak in unknown tongues, though I give my body to be burned and have not the spirit of the Son of man, the Christ Consciousness, the Christ Spirit, I am nothing.” For, the children of light KNOW Him; He calleth each by name. 


The last two nights I have had two significant dreams. The dream two night ago, I felt that I had stepped back into one of my most favorable parts of my mission and that was to being a teacher for the younger generations. I served as a mentor while I was working for the university as a gardener. My life was transformed when they started hiring younger ones. It changed the whole context of the shop where I worked. When I had this dream I could tell that I was just one of them( in the dream sequence) just like everyone else. After I awoke, I realized that they were part of the crystal children who were coming of age.

I am almost sure that have already mentioned where I had changed my spiritual/physical nature into the same crystalline energy. I had been diligent in my efforts to transform and transmute all these lower energies that were not only surrounding me but also trying to hinder my own attempts to change the energetic patterns into a higher level. One night I looked into my heart and saw a crystal prism. I looked later into my solar plexus and saw a Merkaba light structure in my third chakra. That was several years ago and then I “saw” the new crystalline energy grid encircling our planet earth.

The impact of all this is that these children are “wired” into a higher level of energy. They have been born without all the energetic grids of the 3rd dimension…or at least they can operate in both plus probably several others. There is a term that describes this as becoming multi-dimensionable. Most of us are moving towards the 5th dimension, the area of our heart centered life where our Ideals and purpose starts to unfold. Many of these crystal children have passed beyond this into some higher dimensions. Many already are aware of coming from different planetary systems.

I just read something the the channel Kryon said. He said that there would be children who would change the world. They would not be willing to accept the normal limitations that we as human beings, have been living with for possibly eons. I think we can already see some of these children here.

So last night, during my healing meditation/channeling, I saw the higher light come through from a different higher dimension. I saw all these small lights around the world, lighting up as they were absorbing this energy. They are already here and they are wakening up! It is meant to happen. I almost feel like an elder telling you and everyone else what they have seen. I can almost begin to tell you that these children will not put up with war or for a matter of fact, anything that divides and separates us as human beings…we are aligned in the heart and will do everything we can, to help stop this darkness that has engulfed humanity for so long.


My heart leaps up when I behold

A rainbow in the sky:
So was it when my life began;
So is it now I am a man;
So be it when I shall grow old,
Or let me die!
The Child is father of the Man;
And I could wish my days to be
Bound each to each by natural piety.

William Wordsworth, 1770 – 1850

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Wednesday night sharing….

Hello Atlantic University Alumni. I thought I’d contribute some of my own thoughts about what’s been happening to me. From what a little I have already mentioned in my previous posts…it has not been a life that won’t make a lot of sense to the uninitiated. Much which will remain unknown until you will experience for yourself. There has been a traditional saying that applies here I have always liked….”The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see…” Alexander K. Trentfor

My teacher I met in my twenties was a gnostic master/teacher/friend. That relationship lasted maybe about five years before he gently “kicked” me down the road a bit. All in all, when I had a visitation come from Edgar Cayce thirty years later, after I had just finished reading Sidney Kirkpatrick’s book, “Edgar Cayce, An American Prophet”. I took trip to Virginia Beach in 2003 on a Easter Sunday weekend where I became illuminated on the beach across from headquarters during an impromptu Easter Sunday service.

Much has happened since. Much of which has been a steady, yet completely restructuring of my own thoughts and feelings that has shifted me into a totally different reality. A reality that vibrates with a higher inner unity consciousness and awareness.

There have also been a unity within myself from several different past lives that have come back to me. My awareness of a connection to St. Paul has led me back into the good graces of my Father/Mother and to my brother, the Christ. My Native American consciousness has also become once again deeply integrated within myself. There have been more…they all have become more deeply integrated within myself too. An Egyptian awareness came back after helping the pyramids to reawaken…Akhenaten awoke inside.

So it has been apparent for me for quite some time now that there is a shift going on here in our world and planet we call Mother Earth..Gaia. There really is a unity of consciousness that is starting to become more apparent to the may of us who have been involved in this world of raising humanities inner consciousness, to their own divinity within.

Here is the latest transformation…there have been others who have been convinced that I am an archangel. I have had to leave several groups behind. Just last week, after all of this, I have had to face a really daunting task of trying to raise up some really horrendous dark and hateful energies that have been buried down in my subconsciousness and I had no other choice except to awaken those same archangel energies to help raise them up so they too may become released. The last several days and nights have been some of the darkest I have ever had to face…

We all are facing some of the darkest times we will ever have to face up with. Let that divine grace that is inside come through you…the old ways are going away. Keep your hearts and minds focused on god, our creator…our divine grace. Peace my friends…

Gordon Yumibe

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The Healing Space

        There is a place in my own inner consciousness where I go that is connected to literally everything, everybody, or any hidden thought and emotion I care to see. Though I have been unable to find any written parallels that can attest to this, I am sure I am not the only one who has been able to find their way here. I am not currently a student of any Eastern spiritual tradition but know there must be parallels within those traditions as well. There is again a reading given by Edgar Cayce, which seems to give an explanation for where I go…

“He has promised, ‘If you but open the door of your consciousness, of your heart, I will enter and abide with you.’ This is not a fancy; this is not hearsay. You may experience such. For it is the law, it is the way, it is Life itself !”     Edgar Cayce reading 1632-5

This reading is about finding one’s way back to the Source, within one’s self. I had a QHHT hypnotic session about a year ago where once I entered the hypnotic stage, I found myself literally suspended on a bridge of light between the physical and spiritual worlds. For those of you who are unfamiliar with QHHT, it is a hypnotic technique developed by Delores Cannon as a way to talk to your higher self. It was a rainbow light bridge and I was able to go back to another lifetime to where I was first initiated in becoming this for myself. It is a bridge to be used as a way to help serve others so they too might find a way to cross over in to the light for themselves.

I had a teacher give me a reading a long time ago in which it stated that my purpose in this life was to become a “cosmic” healer. It would involve many different experiences that would help lead me to what I needed to learn. He ended up being right but it has taken me over forty years to really understand what he meant. Part of that was having that very dramatic psychic/psychotic experience which opened up a channel to my psychic abilities. I am thankful I wasn’t told what some of those experiences were going to be, beforehand.

Another part involved becoming deeply wounded where I absorbed some really dark energy that left me feeling almost physically crippled at times. I’ve spent a great deal of time over the fifteen years trying to heal some of these.

The story, which gave this struggle some meaning, was the Prometheus/Chiron myth from ancient Greece. Prometheus was a friend of the god’s who stole their fire and gave it to humanity. The god’s became enraged and sentenced Prometheus to be chained to some rocks where each night vultures would come and peck his liver out. Chiron was a well-known centaur who took pity on Prometheus and appealed to the god’s to replace Prometheus with himself. This is where the story of the “wounded healer” began. What Chiron did to help alleviate his own nightly sufferings was to start healing others as a way of reducing his own suffering and make it more bearable.

So too for me, this was the same opportunity I used, nightly, to extend my healing energies out into the world. There is an inner part of myself that is connected to everything else in Creation. For me, it is a matter where I focus. I can think locally, I can think globally, or cosmically as well. It is all about the same; it just requires that there is sufficient light energies to create the inner connection. I can see what is blocking the energies and what needs to be done to get the inner currents flowing. Much of it has to do with our belief systems, fears, our wounds, and inner shadow material. There is no real separation. What I see there, I experience as being a part of myself. In a way, I am healing a part of ourselves by healing what I see inside of me.

We are in the Aquarian age. The symbol, “Aquarius is an air sign, a thinking sign, this despite the ancient image of a man pouring out water…The water is symbolic of celestial waters and could have its origins with the rainy season. On a symbolic level, the water can be seen as Aquarius quenching our thirst for knowledge.”     Laurence Hillman, “The Aquarian Age- An Introduction.”

When I close my eyes, I see light pouring down from the heavens. In this inner place, my Father/Mother, the Son, and all the heavenly hosts are able to use this bridge to send their blessings out into the physical world. The world of separation and duality slowing dissolve into a higher dimension of love. I am a water bearer; a healer of this divided and separated self.

We are now living at a very unique time here on earth, our mother Gaia. We all have an opportunity to recreate a better world for ourselves. All these present hardships we are all facing forces us to find a deeper meaning in it for ourselves. The answer usually lies deeply buried somewhere within us. Once we begin to understand and see that some of the cause or answers lies within us, we can change. It really does begin within our own thoughts, our emotions, our fears and many of our long-held beliefs of heaven or hell. We begin to see how we have created this world within our selves by our thoughts and emotions. Our own inner healing processes begin. We see a new and better way to live and connect with ourselves back to the Source of all love.

I may have created this healing place within myself, but it is available to all. We are all one. We can truly become what Cayce would say as “ being a channel of blessing.” Try and take that first step, and see what you are doing to yourself. Take that next step, and see how you can create something better not just for yourselves and for each other as well. It is said that all the love you give comes back…it is said that the master is lifted up into heaven upon the shoulders of all those he has helped. Become the change you want to see in the world. Heaven waits patiently for each and every one of us until we are all able to make the journey back home.

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The Rainbow Bridge, A Healer’s Gift

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The Rainbow Bridge, A Healer’s Gift

It’s been a long time since I last felt inspired to write another article. My life has been in a constant state of flux over the last year or so. I think I really needed to take another step in my journey. I recently decided to conduct a workshop for our ARE group at our Spring Seabeck retreat next March. The name of my workshop would be the same as the title of this article. Viola….I have suddenly have something to write about again!

Some of my other articles have covered my spiritual emergence, another one covers my picking up my cross and becoming one with the Creative Force, or as Cayce said…one with God. This might sound a little pretentious, but I had thought at one time that this was ultimate destination. I now know that this was just another “stepping stone” for my own evolution and learning experience as a healer.

There are many of us already here where life has become much more diverse than just living solely in the three-dimensional world that Cayce describes as time, space, and patience. We really live in a much more multi-dimensional world made up of increasing higher vibrational energies. Cayce said there were eight. Much of my spiritual journey has been traversing some of these higher dimensions. I now am residing in the seventh dimensional frequencies, one that has been described as the “eye of God” or in other words ”not my will, but Thine.” I will remain there until I am ready to move up higher. There are higher frequencies and dimensions but I think Cayce was basically stating that there were eight human dimensions.

My journey started in my twenties and has had major turning points. One of note was while in my thirties I suffered a month long psychotic break. I now know realize that it was a part of my spiritual emergence. Once I got my feet back on the ground, my psychic functions had awakened. I could see with my inner spiritual “eyes.” I could see across distance and could connect with and see other people in this inner dimension. Another experience happened over a decade ago. While attending my first conference at the ARE in Virginia Beach, an Easter Sunday, I became illuminated internally with rainbow colored lights. This whole experience has taken awhile before I was comfortable with it, much less to talk about it. I have already written about taking spiritual mentoring classes through Atlantic University. It has not been easy finding other people who have had similar experiences. It was a gradual process of assimilation and integration to where I have come to be fully illuminated.

What has intrigued me was the rainbow colors and finding other references to them. The Native Americans reference it repeatedly but only in reference to animals using it as a bridge into the spiritual world. I use it similarly but from my own personal standpoint have been using it as a bridge for humans. Apparently there are also references to this bridge in some of the Scandinavian myths. The most guidance I have come across some of Barbara Hand Clow’s book, “Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets.” (1999, Llewellyn Publications, St Paul, MN)

My journey into our shared mystical journey has included my own Prometheus/Chiron myth. My healing journey really started taking shape as I too, was wounded trying to bring light back into our world. Prometheus was the one who stole fire from the god’s and gave it back to humanity. The god’s punished Prometheus and chained him to some rocks where vultures would nightly peck his liver out. Chiron asked to take his place and has since been describes as the “wounded healer.” It was a decade also spent trying to overcome my own suffering by helping others. Helping others was the key to unlocking some of my own inner mysteries and divine nature.

So in March I will start on another adventure. I am hoping that I can help others start making their own inner journey for themselves. I recently had a QHHT hypnosis session where I saw myself suspended between the material and the spiritual world acting as an inner bridge so others could gain access into this expanding spiritual realm. I also was given a glimpse of my own initiation at an earlier time and place of this healing bridge. Cayce says that the cause of all disease is the separation with the First Cause. I am doing all I can to help all others bridge this divide for themselves.

One the responsibilities of living in the seventh dimensions is that you are allowed to work with all the other souls who have already gained entry into these higher realms. The Christ said he could go to the Father; he also stated we would learn how to be able to more than he. I have asked directly entities such as Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, the Father, the Son, and many of the Archangels for help. I see their love and light flowing down to whomever is requiring assistance and help. I am eternally grateful and humble for all their willingness to come and assist me.

There is a reading by Cayce that describes St. Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus. 900-31 In essence it is where the superconsciousness mind of the Christ communicates with St. Paul’s subconscious mind. This is also similar how healing is preformed from some of these higher dimensional energies.

I think as embodied beings of light and darkness, it is up to each and everyone of us create an environment that will allow as to inhabit our eternal selves here while we are living on this earth plane. We have all been wounded in some small or large way. This inner healing process that Cayce refers to in part, is the “purgation of the soul.” It is releasing and surrendering up those energies that keep us all from the truly becoming what we were meant to be. Our love is grounded in the loving embrace of our Creator and Mother Earth. We are corpuscles of light finding our way back home, back to Love, Light, and Eternal Life. Thank you.

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My Spiritual Emergence

Gyumibe's Blog

My Spiritual Emergence


Gordon Yumibe

“For all those who have or are suffering silently”

There’s been a chapter in my life that I have kept hidden from view. It concerns the trouble I have had with my own mental health issues. I know it is not necessary to include others in this chapter, but if writing about these things might help others; so be it. I’ve asked

for guidance many times over, and recently there have been others who have decided to come forward. Marsha M. Linehan recently had a New York Times article written about her personal issues with mental health.  (1) She’s now a respected therapist and teacher at the University of Washington. Another, Lauran M. Prato, wrote of her account in her book recently just released, “From the Inside- Out: Shattering the Mental Illness Myth. A True Story.” (2)

There has been a progressive understanding of…

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My Spiritual Emergence

My Spiritual Emergence.

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