Health and Healing

It’s been awhile since I felt the need to express some more of my own inner health and healing journey which stemmed from some physical head trauma incurred back in my childhood. I really learned of the severity from a medical intuitive I’d been seeing I had met through a local ARE group I had been involved with. I went down to Portland to see her when I started having persistent pain in my head. I actually found myself rolling around on my kitchen floor writhing in pain one day and decided I need to find out what I could do. She told me that the interior of my skull had thickened and was pressing down my brain. Hearing this from her started me off on my own healing journey that has lasted over a decade now. It changed everything for me….

There were times where I didn’t really know if I’d survive. I had to start reliving all those memories which were still deeply integrated in my energetic body along with all the emotional/mental pain. It meant going down into those energies which were buried down in my subconscious mind again. Wrote an article about it back then when I realized that I had broken into another reality of higher consciousness and using these energies to help relieve those intense personal energies still holding on to the painful experiences.

Last night I had a breakthrough. I was able to access those energies which were still holding on to the pain in the 2nd chakra. I literally saw two DNA ladders ascending back into the heavenly worlds after being blocked up for all this time…Here’s a link about the 2nd chakra I just found and it certainly describes perfectly what had transpired.

According to Candice Covington, author of “Essential Oils in Spiritual Practice,” the sacral chakra is associated with several characteristics.

These include:

  • sensuality, sexual intimacy, and giving and receiving pleasure
  • creativity and unstructured expression
  • birthing environments, things that wax and wane, and the principle of nonpermanence
  • healthy emotions and the inner child
  • the divine feminine
  • synchronicity

Shadow issues — or negative qualities — associated with the sacral chakra include:

  • wounded emotions
  • secrets
  • fear of judgment, getting into trouble, or being “found out”
  • repression
  • inability to experience emotional or sexual intimacy
  • nightmares and not remembering or understanding dreams

This pretty much describes the inner terrain I have had to learn to heal from. As I was able to access them, I could see that the energies and currents went all the way back into our ancestral experiences. I am reminded somewhat about them when I remembered reading James Clavell’s “Shogun” about those times and hearing the phrase “off with their heads”. There was really no room for anything else except strict and ongoing guidelines about what was to become acceptable.

I am beginning to realize much more how everything in life is related in some ways…not only the physical/mental/emotional/ and spiritual. I am reminded how much of a breakthrough it was for me to read some written work channeled through Lee Carroll from Kryon, “The Twelve Layers of DNA: An Esoteric Study of the Mastery Within” (2010). It certainly seems to become much more connected now for me. I too am much more able and willing to simply step away from all the old past worlds of terrifying judgements. They hold far less terror and dire meanings for me and the world at large.

My head still resonates with some of these issues that have gripped me…These too will continue to lose their internal grip as a whole new world slowly emerges back towards our original creator’s purpose of love and balance starts to re emerge along with a new understanding about what we are all doing here and the biggest mystery of all…the “why”.

Thank you all!


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I recently on a whim, visited a really great cookbook shop in Seattle that I hadn’t been to since retiring and moving across the Sound where I “escaped” Seattle…and living in a very relaxed country setting amongst the trees yet close enough to revisit some of my more favorite places I had left five years now…

My diet has steadily been changing for some time, even before I retired. Now that much of my day is filled with activities outside…much of it centers around my main focus and work…healing our collective selves and energies here on our planet along with helping to restore the sacred element here on Gaia.

As my inner work has progressed, my body’s energy has evolved too and has been able to reach back into some of humanities ancient histories back into the Egyptian and Atlantan times…and beyond.

That steady progression has made a huge impact into what I eat…it has been more of a “natural unforced” unfoldment invoking these higher energies down into our physical selves and bodies.

Awhile ago, I had been interested in our DNA and what it did. I came across a book that was channeled through Lee Carroll by an entity named Kryon. The book, “The Twelve Layers of DNA ( Kryon Book 12 ) described the impact that these rising energies had on our DNA and how it was reshaping our physical selves by expanding the DNA which in turn, produced subtle changes in our bodies.

To cut to the chase…ever since finishing up my year long cancer treatments and the dietary changes this brought about, I lately haven’t been able to find an appetite for the things I had eaten for a long time…if you can believe not being interested in pasta much anymore…something I’d made a staple for a long long time…everything else was just kinda of blah…

I liked being able to return to one of my more favorite bookstores again…I looked through all the different sections, but one book on a table just kind of jumped out…it was from someone I had never heard of before or seen any of her work. Her name is Julie Morris..The book that jumped out was “Smart Plants, Power Foods & Natural Nootropics For Optimized Thinking, Focus & Memory”

It has a list of foods that help optimize ones ability to think…something that I had began using Lion”s Mane to help my mental functions going during all the cancer treatments..I knew they helped because I stopped taking them in the middle of all of it and knew immediately how much help they had been. I immediately ordered some more…I have been using several of them already…besides the Lion’s Mane, I am already eating blueberries, cacao, matcha, and goji berries…

I don’t have to eat a whole lot quantity wise like before…I basically eat breakfast and dinner…not much at lunch time anymore…nuts as snacks and am really liking tea for a beverage..( cold brewed ) is a great thirst quencher after beings so unsatisfied since my body no longer tolerates coffee…

What I really like is that these foods are nutritionally dense…and don’t require that you have to eat as much to feel satisfied…

I was so impressed with my first book, I immediately purchased a couple of her other cookbooks, “Superfood Soups” and “Superfood Kitchen”…

I am still eating a lot of fermented foods, I got some tempeh in in the works and just used up the last of my miso I think I made about maybe two or three years ago…I’ve got a batch going that will be ready to go in the springtime…it takes about a year to complete before using. I also recently found the joys of making and using raw goat’s milk for my daily kefir…

One of my initial thoughts way back long time ago when I first started making my own yogurt was thinking that I was helping my body by not making it work so hard to digest and extract the goodness from all that we are eating. Not only that, but with the inner healing work that I do, I have to keep my own body at it’s peak to be able to sustain itself while all these healing energies release a tremendous amount of lower energies so that the light and love from our creator gods can fill up all these spaces in our hearts and mind once again…

I’ve been feeling like a whole new era has come into our planet….I am meeting other like minded ones who are also sharing this new light coming in….

I am hoping to share much more as things come into ur world to help us all restore our inner trust back once again into our souls and create the “peace that passes all understanding…”

Thanking all of you here right along with me!

Much love,


ps. What I meant by “natural unforced” unfoldment is simply listening to your own body’s inner consciousness…even asking it at times to let you know what is “best…” , something that Edgar Cayce acknowledged.
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Searching, Seeking, and Becoming

I am not sure where this is headed but I thought I start it by sharing some things I’ve been doing and how it seems to be reconnected to some of our ancient traditions and star light.

I have had the privilege to become immersed with some really great resources and entities that have helped me achieve and also gain the trust of many who are no longer with us physically. I met a gnostic teacher master in my early twenties when I was looking for a purpose and meaning to my life. I had a psychic visitation from Edgar Cayce after reading Sidney Kirkpatrick’s book, “Edgar Cayce,  An American Prophet” (2000). It prompted me to visit Virginia Beach in 2003 where I became illuminated with the Creative force or god, as Cayce would say. I later had a visitation from both Yogananda and his teacher because we shared the same rainbow light body. Carl Jung also came and welcomed me.

Now, after all these years of devoted service to the All…there continues to be a huge growth in my awareness of who we have been…

Several years ago, I came across some readings by Tom Kenyon about the Hathors and how they would go into a 12th dimensional healing meditation where they would give up their own individuality and become one with the collective All. I asked the Father for permission to try and work the same way. The Hathors would occasionally step and help.

Several years went by and once during my morning stretching exercises I felt some wings emerge from the back of my shoulder blades and then later one night a huge angelic energy portal opened above me.

Previously, I “saw” a sarcophagus open and St. Paul emerge from my 3rd chakra area. Later, I would see an an ancient Egyptian emerge in the same way who I believe was Akhenaten. I had been using my healing energies to help the pyramids to awaken.

As a result of a childhood head injury that came up for healing in my early 60’s, I had to reach way up further then I had ever done before to draw down some healing energies from the “stars…” As a result I became conscious of my own “star origins…”

Each and every night, I literally have taken part in these healing meditation channeling for the collective All. Each and every night I have felt a continual gradual growth in the awakening of our planet and inter-connected consciousness emerge further and further into these upper light gradients.

Sekhmet, the Hathors, and Thoth all have been a part of the All since the ancient times…they all are here and helping me…Father came and released me from some of my more earthly responsibilities to work more directly with some of these star brothers and sister in the last year or so.

Just recently, I was given a chance to revise some of the Pauline doctrines to include some more of the feminine side of our selves. Mother Mary has stepped in to help along with our Divine Mother.

Much of my life has been spent by myself. Now, I am beginning to meet more inter-connected souls…

This last month I came across an astrologer who has been able to tap into some of the same ancient Egyptian energies that I have been working with. I had a reading done by her which help ground me into some of these ancient beings. Her name is Ruby Falconer and I just also recently just purchased her book, “Shamanic Egyptian Astrology”. I am hopeful that these ancient teaching will help more of All us to begin to fully emerge back into the divine light which these beings have been holding for us, waiting for us all who are seeking their own answers about who we are.

I can sense that there are beginning to be many others who are ready for this reawakening into a higher awareness…and reckoning as well. Keep going…we will all be able to wake up and meet at these inner soul level connections eventually.

For now, keep in mind some of Caye’s admonitions which I always seem to return to…”Step by step, line by line, a little bit here, a little bit there…” Above all, keep your has been one of my keys for survival…things will emerge when the time is right.. try and be ready….!

Many thanks and blessings!


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Becoming Reborn

I’ve been searching my mind to describe something I hope that everyone can begin to experience for themselves. I’ve been blessed throughout my life with many different experiences. They all have led me to the next one, some were not pleasant but eventually I realized they were preparing me for the next one. Suffering has its own divine aspects…it opens one up in a way to broaden ones outlook and acceptance of life in many different ways.

I remember graduating from college and feeling pretty upset because I had really no idea  about anything. At one time I had considered joining the armed service because I was so sick of school.

I have always met someone no matter where I was that helped me grow through much of what I had been experiencing. There were always friends.

I decided to hitchhike out West when I realized that I had nothing to share or help anyone else out. I had to find my own meaning. I had began to read some written works of Carl Jung, Carlos Castaneda, and some other humanistic psychologists; others followed. “There Is A River”, the story of Edgar Cayce by Thomas Sugrue lent its own unique spiritual perspective for me.

I ended up in Northern California and met a gnostic master/teacher named Robert E Birdsong with whom I shared several years of friendship with. His writings and sayings have sustained throughout my life.  I recollect now many of them as I have grown and matured.

In my mid-thirties, I experienced a spiritual awakening or emergence in the form a month psychotic episode. Once I came back to earth with the help some anti-psychotics, I realized that my own psychic abilities had awoken. I could “see” through my one internal psychic vision.

Over the next fifteen years or so, I was able to gain a full-time job as a gardener that has been instrumental in supplying me with a more secure future. Most of my experiences up to that point helped to toughen me up and find some of my own essential abilities to lend and to share, as a way to help others.

One day after returning home from work, I had a vision of Edgar Cayce come to me while taking a shower. I had just finished reading Sidney Kirkpatrick’s book, “Edgar Cayce, An American Prophet” that a friend had loaned me. I decided to go out to Virginia Beach to attend a conference at the ARE. It happened to be on the Easter Sunday weekend in 2003.

That Sunday, there were several attendees there that decided to hold an impromptu sunrise service on the beach across from headquarters. During that impromptu service, I became illuminated with a light of several different colors. My whole insides became filled with this mystical light. That occurred in my early fifties. It took several years before I received another message that said that I had become fully illuminated.

I retired from work in 2014. Up to that point, people who worked with me and many others had a mixed reaction towards me. There were a few who thought I was a schizophrenic. The light I shared through the entire university helped me create the Kabbala Tree of Life light structure there. The light gradually united all the different levels. The darkness continually tried to erode that light.

There was a song by by Peter Townshend of The Who, “I Can See for Miles” ( 1967). That is part of the gift that came with the illumination. Another part was that the light was the Rainbow light body that several mystics have obtained. Paramahansa Yogananda and his teacher had the same light body. Another part of this inner process was that my Native American consciousness has fully awoken from a past life where I was directly involved with the Ghost Dancers, a mystical native element, during the same time as the massacre at Wounded Knee.

Now after many years of having to spend several hours each and every night warding off the darkness and healing the collective self, I have gradually been able to grow and evolve to an even higher plane. Several weeks ago, Father released me from my earthly identity completely. I can fully engage more fully with the cosmic light of our galactic brothers and sisters. It was just another step. It was just one more reawakening…to our own true nature of coming from the far and distant stars. We no longer are limited to our earth bound energies. Cayce said there were eight earthly dimensions. I’ve been working with the Hathors for awhile now utilizing some of the energies from the twelfth dimension.

Today I was realizing some of the potentials for healing our bodies using the higher energies. The entire universe is somehow connected via these higher frequencies, including our selves, our minds, our hearts, and virtually everything else. Not only can we see for miles and miles…we can also help to restore our lives and health by learning how to utilize these source codes or energetic systems to upgrade our bodies, and more importantly, our earthly planet. There is hope. There is also much work needed to be done here. I can not stress that enough. As hard as I have worked for the last last decade and a half…I feel as if I have been able to restore only half of what I really need to do. I also see and feel the light of our Creator, who has enabled all of us to simply learn to meet the inner challenges that come with growing into the love and light of god. One of the many things my teacher said was that there are no excuses…anymore. We have reached a collective point in our growth where we all need to stand on our own two feet.

Much of the present moment now consists of all the inner lessons that I have learned and mastered. The last two thousand years have covered a lot of ground and many lifetimes. I have remembered and finished up some of my own lessons that revolved directly with the Christ entity along with some other ones that have stretched back even further. There were unfinished and even failed life missions that have had a direct bearing on my present life here. I have had an idea that this might be my last mission and lifetime here. My inner consciousness has directly merged with Gaia, and the eagle/condor energies that have been instrumental for me in reconnecting to our Mother Earth. I’ve been watching with great interest about the water elements and flooding going on in the Midwest, something that Cayce had prophesied.

This all goes back to the book of Revelations in the Bible and the 144,000 light workers. There is an extraordinary moment. There is a new generation of younger ones stepping up into leadership positions in an effort the change the world we have taken for granted.

Our physical bodies are going through a major change. It is quite extraordinary. The light elements have shifted the inner structures of our body into becoming more quantum. The higher vibratory energies have changed it into a more crystalline makeup…our DNA are being effected at the same time. At times I can see the pure light from our creator gods flowing down around us. There is much to be looked forward too as we able to shift and realize our own inner godliness and love…and light…for everyone!

Remember the scene in “2001, A Space Odyssey” where the astronaut Dave in embraced by the monolith towards the end of the movie and all you see is a tremendous light show. The next scene is where you see a human embryo circling back towards the earth. That still is the most graphic and accurate description of what my own life has become…a real re-awakening to the spiritual sideband aspects of love and light. Now, there will be a new reckoning as the new generations of light workers truly seize this moment and shift humanity back toward the light of god, our creator.





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Today after my seventh chemo treatment I was really tired…I have five more to go and I been able to regain back four pounds! I spent yesterday working outside prepping a bed for seeding a bed for some native grasses and wildflowers. But when I got home today, I fired up my old Yanmar diesel tractor and attached my harrow I recently bought. I had cut some of the annual rye grass I had planted last fall that was over three feet tall and were developing  new seeds heads. I meant to use this as a cover crop to try and enrich the soil. What was interesting is the last night I woke up from a dream state about doing this very thing, using my harrow to scarf up the soil to replant with some other wild flowers to attract bees and other beneficial insects. Half was going to used for some buckwheat, again me trying to once again enrich the soil…

I can’t tell you all of the absolute delight I experience doing all this. All these ideas have been percolating around in my head over the years. I began trying to move in a no-till gardening approach where the underlying roots, fungi, and all the other organisms are minimally disturbed.

Driving the tractor is such a thrill now after getting back to some of may rootedness of growing up in the Midwest. My dad was an adult ag teacher at one point but was able to purchase eighteen acres right on the edge of town so he too could experience the farming life.

That was part of the gift. The other part is all the interconnected dots in my own life that have been able to create my own life here.

When I graduated from college I was pretty upset that I felt at a deeply personal level. I had no idea about anything. My life didn’t have any real meaning or direction.

I began searching. I came across Carl Jung and I began to try and recall my night dreams. I came across Carlos Castaneda which opened up a doorway into the world of spirit. I read about Edgar Cayce. I met a teacher/master after hitchhiking out to the West Coast.

I gained a sense of direction.

Many things changed as a result. In my mid thirties I experienced a spiritual awakening or emergence in the form of a month long psychotic episode that once I regained my senses, I realized it had opened up my inner psychic abilities. I could truly “see for miles and miles…” ( The Who, 1967 )

I ended being in the Pacific Northwest where my own family roots had settled after immigrating  from Japan.

There is much about our own personal life we still haven’t yet explored. Parts of my own life have come together over my lifetime here on this planet Earth. Coming from a family where the nature was part of their Shinto religion is just one of three legs that come together. One of the other legs was being born as a Taurus, a fixed earth sign. The other leg was having my own Native American consciousness from a previous lifetime awaken inside. It’s almost impossible for me to describe this in any true rationality. I talk to the trees and share my thoughts. I am also open to many different things now. My awareness  of being from a different star or planetary system was the result of being able to heal from a fairly traumatic hard injury where I was forced to reach way way up in order to bring down some energies to help me work through some of these old stuck energies in my skull. I am still having to heal some of these family issues from our ancient pasts.

Every time in my own life’s journey, there has always been friend when I really needed one. I found or stumbled onto a job that has meant I could retire and live my passion and mission for healing. I experienced hardships and struggles where I was forced to overcome and keep myself focused on the greater love for the all.

Everything has been a gift. Each breathe, each sigh, each friend.

Stay well my friend. I am feeling like there is really no end…we are here now. We will be together in our own hearts again, whether it is here or another place beyond our present comprehension. There will be misunderstandings, there will be other things too that will spread doubt where we question everything about what we thought we knew. We will rise up with our inner-connected spirit of love and divinity. We will sanctify ourselves, completely.

That becomes a part of our truly eternal life as well. Our gift and love to our own Creator.




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Gifts from the Father

I’ve been outside working on prepping about 1,400 square feet of soil that was between the adjacent property that was recently cleared so a new home could be built. It means a new neighborhood along with another opportunity to be a good neighbor with someone new. It’s basically going to be a low maintenance native grass and wildflower mix where hopefully I won’t have to trim it very often. I’m bringing my gardening background along with all the ideas I simple can’t keep from cropping up in my own imagination.  “Good fences make good neighbors”  was what Robert Frost is supposed to have said.

Today while I was working on this, the thought also came to me about the gift of love that has been bestowed upon me. What came to mind was simply, “In his own way, in his own time…” ( source unknown )

I remember going out to the ARE Headquarters in Virginia Beach back in 2003 after I had psychic visitation from Edgar Cayce. I had just finished reading Sidney Kirkpatrick’s  book “Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet” and so the next thing I knew I decided to attend one of the conferences out there which happened to be on the Easter Sunday weekend. I remember be so excited to get there, but by that Saturday night I was trying to go to sleep.  Underlying all this was that I had become a little disappointed that nothing more “magical” had happened. I was also feeling a little uncertain where all this left me. Maybe there was nothing left to except and to admit that maybe that is all it was meant to be.

So the next day, several of the attendees had decided to hold an impromptu sunrise service across from the headquarters on the beach. While we were gathered there, I remember my whole inside internal awareness was suddenly filled with light. It was if that once I surrendered to the disappointment and defeat…the light and  love from out Father was bestowed upon me…

So today, as I was outside working, this thought about the gift of the Father comes again and again…”in his own way… in its own time.”

I am blessed to be able to be back working outside, something I had been able to do my entire life…My chemotherapy sessions have literally been draining my strength and vitality and little by little it has steadily been returning. I have six more chemo treatments left along with some follow up radiation therapy afterwards. I simply don’t care what tomorrow will bring. My entire life has been a gift..thick or thin..bad and good,..and anything else you wish to call it. The only outcome that it makes it worthwhile is that I have been blessed with all of this to simply lead me to this share…to love…to create…and peace.

I probably already have mentioned this before..I really read a lot while I was going to school. There was a time my attention was captivated by several books full of short stories. One of them was about an old women living out in the woods by herself  who was a healer. She took on other peoples suffering and healed them. The end of the story was where she was preparing herself for one big last healing, not knowing whether she would survive or not…thinking it might eventually end her life.

So here I am, sitting out in my own wooded area where I have been blessed to be and am having to deal with this reoccurrence of breast cancer. It’s been an extraordinary time for me. I’ve been having to deal with all of this over the past two-three months now. But the extraordinary thing of this is that my nightly healing meditations have intensified dramatically. I am almost sure that the timing of all of this is being in sync with some of the greater cosmic energy reset our planet earth with help from the greater universe we are a part of. This has been a lesson on simply being grateful and full of gratitude for simply being here at this moment…it is not going to be a simply moment in time…but a moment where time has almost seemed to have stopped.  We are becoming aware of eternity…each moment being an eternal acknowledgement and sense.

So the gift of the Father is to simply knowing and accept each moment as it is…there will be nothing to wait for….every moment will lead us to the next one. Everything that is  bestowed upon us as we wait, listen, and accept with the  trust as a gift of our creator Father/Mother god, with love, kindness, and forbearance.

Patiently, we are becoming gods…


Thank you again,


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Learning healthy food choices

I started coming of age back in the 60’s – 70’s where I grew up back in the Midwest with the typical meat based diet…surrounded by vegetables and mashed potatoes. I was intrigued with many things and one of them eventually led me to Boston for several months where I worked at the Hippocratic Health Institute that was based on Ann Wigmore’s raw food diet. What was interesting back then was that the macro-biotic food movement was also a presence out there at the same time.We had a friendly rivalry going. I realized that if I got back out in the work force again….the raw food diet wouldn’t work for me.

Over the next decade or so, I made the best of what I tried to do…I didn’t have a lot of permanence as far as a kitchen facilities go. I moved around to different cities, worked in  the woods and lived out of my truck at times. I eventually was able to find a more permanent employer where I worked and eventually retired from. It meant I could go back to one of my loves which was cooking and trying to eat as healthy as possible. There really wasn’t a basic premise except to eat a healthy diet…I was willing to try many different things and ideas. Seattle had a great food co-op system spread  throughout the area which helped.

I got caught up in food fermentation and still am. I’ve made my own sauerkraut , kimchi, kombucha, miso, milk kefir, sourdough bread, and natto. Eventually the idea to try and go vegetarian come to me which I tried for a couple years. I realized later that my body needed some more meat because I’d moved back out into a wooded country side and my body was starting to get too cold. I did a lot of physical work outdoors and so I eventually settled onto a more balanced diet that Cayce recommended. Vegetables, fruits, salads, and meat…not a meat based diet but more as a side. This is more of what I am still on today though I am having to undergo a big physical change because of the chemo therapy.

The point I am trying to get through is the idea that our body has it’s own consciousness. It knows what is going on within and if you start to listen to it…it will guide you. That is another idea that Cayce states and one I have adhered to. I know I have already mentioned this before, but when I was still working, I’d regularly have dreams about what to cook for the following week so I could do my weekend grocery shopping and do my cooking.

So now that I am having to undergo chemo therapy, I’ve finished the first two months and have started on the next cycle of three months with two more to go. It puts your body through a sometimes extreme course of changes. Every body function is effected to some degree. There eventually gets to be a rhythm to it its cycle just seems to give you enough time to be ready for the next one.

I’ve had my foot in several different systems…my medical intuitive whom I’ve been working with for maybe 10 years have been helpful, my good friend back in Wisconsin daughter-in-law who lives back in Maine has a herbal business and her tonics have been great. Geoffrey Cares who I met through the Edgar Cayce health fb page has also given me some good advice.

Now, what has driven me to write this article is that since having to undergo all these cancer treatments, there has been something that has come up that has captivated my own interest in diet once again. Once I first started the chemo, mushrooms have caught my attention. Mushroom, the word, started popping up in my mind and I couldn’t exactly figure out why. What I did do was to go down to the oriental market and getting caught up in making soups with mushrooms and noodles. It had a really soothing quality to it and helped restore a sense of calm internally. I know that my Japanese heritage was know for its love of mushrooms too, something that I never really got caught up in. My ancestors down around Mt. Hood in Oregon were well known  for all  their secret places to pick mushrooms. I also make a really good vegetarian-based Bolognese pasta sauce using mushrooms.

I have another dear friend back in Minneapolis who has made it his passion to explore and to lecture about these fungi. It started to spark my attention. He was big on the chaga mushroom and made some great tasting iced tea from them. Paul Stamets is a well known expert who lives in Washington State and his work has made his work more widely known. His work on mycology and bioremediation has stirred a more non-till approach to gardening and plant propagation.

Last week I came across the Host Defense fb page…based on Paul’s work in medicinal fungi. I bought some of it’s Tumeric Immune tea and got it today.  This is the third different mushroom based food/beverage that seems to immediately restore a sense of well-being for me. I don’t know if it might help others but for me..I decided to buy one of their immunity boosters today.

I want to re emphasize the point I made about the body’s own innate wisdom and it’s ability to communicate it…to heal…to point out where we need to pay attention order to bring it back to health. One of the real necessities to paying attention now, is that our earth’s vibratory rate is increasing and as a result, our body’s energy systems are changing also. As we increase our own energy, our body is being out through it’s own changes as well. The old density along with all of its physical manifestations are becoming sloughed off…leaving a much more aware and alive individual and human being.

I am hopeful that we are able to keep up with all the necessary changes that we will need to address and make. I am hopeful that through our own diligence and courage we will be able to find solutions and remedies for ourselves and our future generations. There is still much to learn..there is still much more to love. I am hopeful that this might be one of them.

Thank you,



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Recent update

I am uncertain about how to voice my concerns, but I thought I’d start by trying to address some of the things I’ve been experiencing as of late. I thought I use my WordPress acc’t so I could freely share these these thoughts with others.

I realize that most of my own inner experiences have been more mystical in nature and it is certainly not a commonly shared perspective. I have had to walk away from several groups already not only simply because they were not not believable, but more for some of the negative reactions they brought out. I’ve been recently mocked and derided from some spiritual groups that I had been working with in hopes of helping raise the vibrations and to leave some of the more volatile emotions they brought out behind.

For the most part, the 3rd dimensional energies of time, space, and what Edgar Cayce says…patience. It was the patience part that I didn’t understand as well as I probably should. But looking back I realize that we have a long way to go and at other times I am struck and divinely inspired as I see what these new energies and thoughts they are bringing along with them.

Most all of have can intellectual understanding of the word eternity. For the most part it has meant an abstract meaning of forever…but for the most part it has not been a common experience to have and experienced in it’s true light.

I know at times I have already shared many of these types of things that have led me to where I am today. Basically a large part of my spiritual development has a gnostic foundation where you experience directly the Truth. It is a step beyond belief…it is still a living prayer for me at times, but for the most part I can ask the universe directly for information and inner guidance. What started as that small, still voice inside for answers has at times been an oceanic response.

Over the last several years, I have been using the energies I have been working with to help the Egyptian pyramids to awaken. I can literally “see” with my spiritual eyes the waves of energies being released. I also have been “talking” directly to the water elements and have seen the literal waves of their energy flowing out through the world.

Not only are there many things in nature being awakened, there are also many of the ancient beings coming back in and helping me. I started working with the Hathors in raising my inner consciousness into the 12th dimension, a purer state of consciousness where you can begin to enter into healing space where one gives up their own individuality and channel directly to the All.

One night over a year ago, Thoth came and took me under his wing as an apprentice. He was well know for his ability to go down underneath the pyramids into the Halls of Amenti were he could go and restore himself physically and spiritually which is something we can relate too.

Sekhmet has become a looming presence for me. He appeared above one night recently above me.

I have also mentioned before about my relationship with the divine Father and Mother, and the Christ. We are all here…much more than ever.

A week or so ago, I “heard” these words spoken to me inside…seven seals. I “heard” them on both sides…my left and the right which I took as being balanced in both the feminine and masculine sides of myself.

John van Auken wrote something I found through googling Edgar Cayce, and seven seals. I had  been unfamiliar with what the seven seals meant before I had this experience.

A day or two afterwards I was laying down in one of my typical healing states and a large forearm literally reached down into my skull and shifted some things that had been a source of obstruction for me. Something changed dramatically for me…the blockages that had been holding back these spiritual energies were removed.

I think we have now being shifted into our true timeless nature for ourselves…meaning being able to start feeling for ourselves.  Our patience is being rewarded.

I realize that the work will have to continue. The number of 144,000 light workers here on the planet keeps coming to mind. The younger generations are also beginning to find their ways to step forward as well. The world, though seemingly in continual chaos and dissension, is also changing dramatically and will continue that way for some time. Our planet, Mother Earth, and her indwelling spirit, Gaia, is changing as well. We all must move forward and change right along with her.

I saw a wave of pure spirit and love beginning to move through the world tonight.

Thank you!

Gordon Yumibe

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The Crystal Children

READING: 2464-2 (Edgar Cayce )

The children of the Law of One were giving periods to the concentration of thought for the use of the universal forces, through the guidance or direction of the saints (as would be termed today). There are few terms in the present that would indicate the state of consciousness; save that, through the concentration of the group mind of the children of the Law of One, they entered into a fourth-dimensional consciousness – or were absent from the body. Thus they were able to have that experience of crystallizing, through the Light, the speech from what might well be termed the saint realm, to impart understanding and knowledge to the group thus gathered.

READING 262-46 (Edgar Cayce )

13. (Q) What is meant by the children of light, as just given? (A) They that choose to be guided by His will and do not, through themselves, attempt to manifest self rather than the will of the Father.
In the beginning was the word, and the word was God. He said, Let there be LIGHT – and there was light. Like begets like. It IS both cause and effect, and they that choose some other way become the children of darkness; and they are these: Envying, strife, hate; and the children of these are sedition, rebellion, and the like.
The children of light first love, for “Though I may have the gift of prophecy, though I may speak in unknown tongues, though I give my body to be burned and have not the spirit of the Son of man, the Christ Consciousness, the Christ Spirit, I am nothing.” For, the children of light KNOW Him; He calleth each by name. 


The last two nights I have had two significant dreams. The dream two night ago, I felt that I had stepped back into one of my most favorable parts of my mission and that was to being a teacher for the younger generations. I served as a mentor while I was working for the university as a gardener. My life was transformed when they started hiring younger ones. It changed the whole context of the shop where I worked. When I had this dream I could tell that I was just one of them( in the dream sequence) just like everyone else. After I awoke, I realized that they were part of the crystal children who were coming of age.

I am almost sure that have already mentioned where I had changed my spiritual/physical nature into the same crystalline energy. I had been diligent in my efforts to transform and transmute all these lower energies that were not only surrounding me but also trying to hinder my own attempts to change the energetic patterns into a higher level. One night I looked into my heart and saw a crystal prism. I looked later into my solar plexus and saw a Merkaba light structure in my third chakra. That was several years ago and then I “saw” the new crystalline energy grid encircling our planet earth.

The impact of all this is that these children are “wired” into a higher level of energy. They have been born without all the energetic grids of the 3rd dimension…or at least they can operate in both plus probably several others. There is a term that describes this as becoming multi-dimensionable. Most of us are moving towards the 5th dimension, the area of our heart centered life where our Ideals and purpose starts to unfold. Many of these crystal children have passed beyond this into some higher dimensions. Many already are aware of coming from different planetary systems.

I just read something the the channel Kryon said. He said that there would be children who would change the world. They would not be willing to accept the normal limitations that we as human beings, have been living with for possibly eons. I think we can already see some of these children here.

So last night, during my healing meditation/channeling, I saw the higher light come through from a different higher dimension. I saw all these small lights around the world, lighting up as they were absorbing this energy. They are already here and they are wakening up! It is meant to happen. I almost feel like an elder telling you and everyone else what they have seen. I can almost begin to tell you that these children will not put up with war or for a matter of fact, anything that divides and separates us as human beings…we are aligned in the heart and will do everything we can, to help stop this darkness that has engulfed humanity for so long.


My heart leaps up when I behold

A rainbow in the sky:
So was it when my life began;
So is it now I am a man;
So be it when I shall grow old,
Or let me die!
The Child is father of the Man;
And I could wish my days to be
Bound each to each by natural piety.

William Wordsworth, 1770 – 1850

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Wednesday night sharing….

Hello Atlantic University Alumni. I thought I’d contribute some of my own thoughts about what’s been happening to me. From what a little I have already mentioned in my previous posts…it has not been a life that won’t make a lot of sense to the uninitiated. Much which will remain unknown until you will experience for yourself. There has been a traditional saying that applies here I have always liked….”The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see…” Alexander K. Trentfor

My teacher I met in my twenties was a gnostic master/teacher/friend. That relationship lasted maybe about five years before he gently “kicked” me down the road a bit. All in all, when I had a visitation come from Edgar Cayce thirty years later, after I had just finished reading Sidney Kirkpatrick’s book, “Edgar Cayce, An American Prophet”. I took trip to Virginia Beach in 2003 on a Easter Sunday weekend where I became illuminated on the beach across from headquarters during an impromptu Easter Sunday service.

Much has happened since. Much of which has been a steady, yet completely restructuring of my own thoughts and feelings that has shifted me into a totally different reality. A reality that vibrates with a higher inner unity consciousness and awareness.

There have also been a unity within myself from several different past lives that have come back to me. My awareness of a connection to St. Paul has led me back into the good graces of my Father/Mother and to my brother, the Christ. My Native American consciousness has also become once again deeply integrated within myself. There have been more…they all have become more deeply integrated within myself too. An Egyptian awareness came back after helping the pyramids to reawaken…Akhenaten awoke inside.

So it has been apparent for me for quite some time now that there is a shift going on here in our world and planet we call Mother Earth..Gaia. There really is a unity of consciousness that is starting to become more apparent to the may of us who have been involved in this world of raising humanities inner consciousness, to their own divinity within.

Here is the latest transformation…there have been others who have been convinced that I am an archangel. I have had to leave several groups behind. Just last week, after all of this, I have had to face a really daunting task of trying to raise up some really horrendous dark and hateful energies that have been buried down in my subconsciousness and I had no other choice except to awaken those same archangel energies to help raise them up so they too may become released. The last several days and nights have been some of the darkest I have ever had to face…

We all are facing some of the darkest times we will ever have to face up with. Let that divine grace that is inside come through you…the old ways are going away. Keep your hearts and minds focused on god, our creator…our divine grace. Peace my friends…

Gordon Yumibe

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